As I'm writing this, I'm in my final week of shows for the absolutely delightful romantic comedy "Almost, Maine" by John Cariani playing at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver. I've had the privilege of doing all sorts of projects in my life. They are often intense, and I can be weighed down by their significance sometimes leading me to lose my joy of play. But then a lovely script with heart and a whole lot of laughs comes along, and I'm reminded of why I ever wanted to act in the first place: it's fun! I love talking to people, I love playing with them, I love feeling the audience, I love riding the wave of laughter, I love holding the audience in the palm of my hand, hearing their gasps, and just relaxing in the midst of it all. Trusting myself, my scene partner, the scene, and the audience as we join in an agreed communal journey. There's nothing like love and laughter to bring you back to a place of fun and delight. What a gift.