2019 Season at rosebud Theatre

We were back in Rosebud Alberta to shoot the “Season Announcement” video for Rosebud Theatre this past summer! It was a blast to be back in town amongst old friends and to work on this project. We also upped our game with the new camera (the GH5S) and the Ronin S gimbal. We were contracted to come up with a concept and execute an inviting video, and that we did! I’m excited to see where Sidelight Pictures is going to go! Increasingly, we’re participating in larger projects and executing a grander vision. Watch the video and if you’re in Alberta next year make sure to plan a trip to Rosebud Theatre.

New Music Video "Bird & Mouse"

I've been a fan of The Dearhearts for several years now. I was plumb tickled when they contacted us to produce their music video for "Bird & Mouse", the new single from their latest album. We went to Alberta and shot in the beautiful town of Rosebud. The location was lovely, the Art Direction was perfect, the music was catchy, the people were great, and the day was gorgeous! They were wonderful to collaborate with and we're very pleased with how the final product came together. Looking forward to shootin' another music vid soon!

2018 Season at rosebud Theatre

In the fall of 2017, we had the pleasure of spending our time in the beautiful town of Rosebud, Alberta. Having worked at Rosebud Theatre many times and having much experience in video production Sidelight Pictures had the pleasure of producing their 2018 Season Promotional Video. We're very pleased with the way it turned out and we're excited for what is sure to be an amazing season.

#My true story

Seven friends sit around, drink beer, and shoot the shit... these are their true stories.

In 2016, between projects that I'd been cast in and work, Holly Pillsbury and I created and started shooting the web series #My True Story. We only have two episodes left to shoot and will be finished production at the end of April 2017, before we move into post-production to release the series in its entirety in the summer of 2017. So look for that soon!

Nettle's Tale Videos

In 2015, our good friend, Julia Church, started a super cool swimsuit company and asked Holly and me if we would make some videos for her. We of course said "Yes!", and made several videos for Nettle's Tale Swimwear. You can view the most recent one above.

Sell Sheet Front.png

Welcome to Tulip

In the Fall of 2014, Holly Pillsbury, Aaron Krogman, and I had the pleasure of participating in the CBC Comedy Coup with Cinecoup. Nationwide, 279 projects were submitted in the hopes of being selected, developed, and eventually have a half-hour pilot shot. The projects were narrowed down, and we were selected as one of the Top 15 projects! Our Welcome To Tulip Pilot has yet to have been filmed, but we left the experience with valuable knowledge, experience, and confidence in what we have to offer as content creators.